Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis

Do you know Gervonta Davis? Well, who don’t know! He is one of the biggest, famous and the skillful Boxer by profession and a great person by heart. He was born on 7th November 1974 in Baltimore.

No doubt, the childhood of Goveronta Davis was the same as many other celebrities but the tough time was in favor of him and made him a well-known boxer. He was bought up in foster homes so you can understand how tough was for him to gain the level of success which he has now.

Since childhood, Gervonta Davis was passionate about boxing and never quit on his dream to be the world’s most prominent boxer. He is very skillful and powerful boxer with a powerful left hand. The success of Gervonta is connected to Calvin Ford as well who was the trainer of him.

Gervonta Davis

His very first trophy was USA Boxing Junior Olympic Tournament which he won at the age of 10. It was not less than a dream come true. But the journey doesn’t end here. He continued to struggle and today what he is just because of the untiring efforts he put to achieve his goals.


Getting the tile of rising talent in boxing at the age of 10 was not easy at all. There were rises and downs in his life, but he never gave up on his dreams. Even there comes the point in his life where his career was about to end. It was the time of 2017 when his profession was in danger.

The only GervontaDavis, who came from a broken home and a gang, from the neighbor who was drug-infested and has had legal issues, it was an arduous journey for him.

Once in his interview to a journalist, he said:

“Winning a world title at such a young age was a lot for me to handle. I was the youngest world champion in boxing, and I was never prepared for it. It just happened so quickly that I even didn’t realize at that time.” Further, he said: “I had to adapt to it, the crowd was waiting for me, and live up to the hype was hard for me.”

However, in July 2018, GervontaDavis is ranked as the world’s most second best active super featherweight by The Ring Magazine.

Gervonta Davis Record

Gervonta Davis record is not less than an inspiration and has surpassed many boxers in-the-field due to his natural talent and ability as a boxer. Due to Gervonta Davis Record or we can say strong boxing background, he is one of the most sought fighters in the field. He is a very determined and focused boxer in his field.

Let’s have a look at some of his renowned achievements as a boxer:

  • Gervonta Davis has been a world champion twice by winning super featherweight title.
  • He also holds IBF super featherweight title
  • He holds WBA super title since 2018
  • He is now famous as the world’s second most active super featherweight as endorsed by The Ring magazine, and Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and Boxrec. These public endorsements have given a boost to his popularity and fan following which is much deserved by this determined boxer.
  • He has an outstanding professional record summary of 20 wins and 0 losses. He had beaten famous boxers such as Jesus Cuellar, Francisco Fonseca, Liam Walsh, Jose Pedraza, Luis Sanchez, and the list goes on.

Gervonta Davis

Moreover, Gervonta has been winning junior championships since his childhood from the age of 10 and later on as an amateur boxer; he won many national championships. But all of these winnings and appreciations didn’t satisfy him, and he wanted to reach the excellence of his career. It is evident from the fact that even after earning super featherweight title twice, his thirst for becoming a better boxer hasn’t quenched. He is still striving to set a higher bar for himself and making himself more competitive than the other boxers. It is a well-established fact that he is a powerful boxer who has taken down many famous boxers and will continue to do so, therefore, it is not surprising that he has a huge fan following.

Gervonta Davis Age

The famous American Boxer-Gervonta Davis-who ensured a very violent, The American – who endured a brutal, stormy childhood now rubs shoulders with a lot of money himself. After the terrifying and darkest beginnings, he could be the future of the sport.

Gervonta Davis age is 23 years as he was born 7th November 1974 in Baltimore. He is the third famous Scorpio boxer who got the levels of fame and the youngest boxer ever in the history of boxing.

The sad part of Davis life is the emotionless childhood as his parents vanished and so a victim of the crack pipe, he was left with no option but to live on peanuts. In his interview, he said:

“I was always fighting, every single day and night from when I was a very small boy.”

This younger box at the age of 23 is training at the Upton Boxing Center in the downtown Baltimore, Maryland and also at the Mayweather Boxing Club Las Vegas, NV, with his inspiration and teacher Calvin Ford.

The journey of Gervonta Davis is not less than a roller coaster. At the age of fourteen, he began to move his career to amateur boxing tournaments and rarely lost. However, within the next two years, he was capable enough to win the Police Athletic League Tournament twice. This was the time when the professional career of Davis got started.

Gervonta Davis Next Fight

Gervonta Davis

Well, according to the rumors, Floyd Mayweather made the announcing via social media, which is not official but Gervonta Davis next fight would be with Abner Mares, but still, the time, date and venue for the fight are not confirmed yet.

The American Boxing Promoter, Floyd Mayweather Jr. just posted on his social media account that junior lightweight, Mr. Gervonta Davis is going to fight against Abner Mares before the year is out.

However, the fight news is not confirmed yet, but it seems that people are ready to cherish their favorite heroes. There is a great buzz about this fight because many people are thinking that this one is going to be an exciting fight. The reason is 32 years old Abner Mares and 23 years young Gervonta Davis, who is not made to lose any fight. So, surely there would be great fun and excitement for the boxing lovers this year.

Gervonta Davis Mayweather

We all know Gervonta Davis Mayweather relationship. It was Mayweather who brought Gervonta up from the streets of Maryland. Floyd Mayweather is a famous boxing promoter and continuously growing within his industry. But surely this is not overnight!

Mayweather has promoted Gervonta Davis many fights and being the promoter of Davis; it is his responsibility to keep the Davis career along with his side. But from the last few months, the things are not looking the way they were, and surely there is a reason behind it.

Gervonta Davis fight

As we all know Gervonta Davis may have just secured his second world title, but there exists no feeling of love for his promoter, Floyd Mayweather. A few months back the social media account of Gervonta was filled with twitters which were directly pointing toward the bossing nature of Mayweather. But still, we can only predict and make rumors. It is they who can reveal the reason for such a cold war between them. But apparently, both of them look cool with each other.

Gervonta Davis Net Worth

The only source of income of this talented hero is boxing. So, Gervonta Davis net worth is around $2.2 million right now. This is the result from the fights he won in 2017. It is all because of his hard work, determination, and passion for changing his life. So, he worked hard and got what he deserves.

This is the rough estimation of Gervonta Davis net worth, inevitably, there would be more to discuss, but according to the final reports, the net worth of Gervonta Davis for 2018 is still under review and will be shared to the public soon.

Gervonta Davis Twitter

There is great news for the follows and fans of Gervonta Davis that he is one of the most active boxers right now who love to connect with his fans via Twitter.

Official Link:

The people can find their favorite boxer-Gervonta on twitter. When you visit his profile, you can see there are a lot of tweets regarding his career and replies to the tweets which challenge him directly and indirectly. So, overall it is a great way to keep yourself updated from what is happening in his life and with whom he will fight.

Gervonta Davis fight

Gervonta Davis fight

No doubt, Gervonta Davis fight is the only thing for what people eagerly wait every year. But the recent incident of Gervonta Davis fight put him in trouble when he caught up a fight with another man over the street. It was a fist fight between two of them and Davis spent more than $10,000 turning up. Later, police arrived and caught both of them. But still, no incident can decrease or cut off the love for Davis. He was the hero and will be the hero for his fans.

How much does Gervonta Davis weight?

132 Pounds is the weight of Gervonta Davis. He will forfeit the title which he won in January even though if he beats the Francisco Fonseca.

What hand is Gervonta Davis?

The right hand of the Gervonta Davis is the Nyquil and the Left Hand is the Dayquil.

How much is the super featherweight?

Super featherweight is also called the junior lightweight. Super featherweight is the weight division in the professional boxing and it is contested between the 57 Kg (126 Pound) and 59 Kg (130 pounds).

What does RTD mean in boxing?

RTD stands for the Referee Technical Decision, corner stoppage and corner retirement are the 2 terms used by the referee to end the fight during any rest period between the fighting rounds, the boxer refuses to continue and pull themselves out, this ultimately forces the referee to call an end to the fight.